Another Chapter (original Poem)

I look at life a year ago,
And I seem the same
Even though…
I’ve read more books,
Made more friends,
Believe in different ideas,
Envison different ends…
A year can make the difference,
Things not clear before
start to make sense,
Fundamentally I’m the same,
But not my essence,
What used to be God’s shadow in my life
Is now his presence,
My father’s left me breathless,
Showing me blessings wrapped in chaos
Seems too reckless,
But I wear his word on my neck
Like a necklace,
His truth is my truth,
So I chose acceptance,
Another chapter…
I pray others learn the way 
Before the rapture,
Gods showing you the light,
Through his aperture,
Faith will show you his ways,
Without it…
I’m not sure.
But with him,
Theres always a way,
You give him your time,
He’ll light up your day,
Don’t just read his word,
He loves when we pray,
Its not just believers,
He’s open to strays,
Believe in he
Who is Greater than you,
He’ll show you things
You didnt know you could do,
Your world will change
Like the sky wasn’t always blue,
And peace will fit on your life
Like a comfortable shoe.

Written by Xavier Gerard Dunson


My poetic Journey

Happy New years, Goodbye Old Fears

Happy new years,

Goodbye old fears,

starting fresh again,

shedding new tears,

Whats the game plan,

whats the new goal,

Who’s the main player,

Will they be bold,

Its a new game,

its a new you,

So its your time,

what will you do,

Happy holidays,

happy new you,

Goodbye old times,

Goodbye old you.

Written by Xavier Gerard Dunson

“Welcome to my Journey”


Comedy, My poetic Journey

Poetic Pillow of Points

“Ponder my Poetic Pillow of Points. Warning: reading poems with an open-mind may result in more wisdom and knowledge.”

– Xavier G. Dunson

Participation is precautionary,

prepare yourself for the pressure….

My preference for pointing out problems,

will be the problem that you point out,

the finger I point at others,

will be as painful to you, no doubt,

Don’t dish out any problems,

that you can’t handle yourself,

Don’t reach for past time issues,

when they’re already on histories’ shelf,

Don’t ask a broke man for advice,

if you aspire to have some wealth,

Don’t ask the fat man for tips,

if he can’t take care of his own health,

Don’t worry about things you can’t control,

if you do, soon, you will be old,

Don’t make decisions without being Bold,

If you do, regret shall leave you cold,

Don’t look at a sidewalk curb like you look at a tower,

The key is perspective,

so don’t give others control of that power,

Don’t leave this poem without cracking a smile,

Some people haven’t smiled in a very long while,

and if you don’t, then you’re stuck in a commonplace pile,

which is full of frowns for at least a country mile,

So pull your head up from the kitchen floor tile,

Life’s a store, today’s a brand new aisle,

God’s on the intercom, listen up when he dials,

Bottom line: Be careful in this life what you beckon,

if you put God first,

You can never come in second.

Written by Xavier Gerard Dunson

“Welcome to my Journey”